Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA)

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) is a global network of programs, institutions, professionals, and people interested in using Action Learning and Action Research to generate collaborative learning, training, research and action to advance social change and to transform workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, communities, voluntary organisations, governments and businesses.

ALARA's vision is that Action Learning and Action Research will be widely used and publicly shared by individuals and groups creating local and global change for the achievement of a more equitable, just, joyful, productive, peaceful and sustainable society.


With a commitment to access for all practitioners and researchers, ALARA encourages membership of Action Learning and Action Research practitioners, researchers and those interested in learning more about these approaches. Reasonable membership rates, student rates and low resource country rates support access for Action Learning and Action Research practitioners from across the globe.

There are four categories of membership in ALARA: Individual, Organizational, ex-Offico and Life. Life membership is awarded from time to time for outstanding service to the work of ALARA and the Action Learning / Action Research community, while ex-Offico membership is awarded in exchange for services supplied to ALARA.

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Our Recent Activities

We obtained those activities recently

Online Course


AEROL - a free 15-week online course in action research and evaluation started in July 2018 and finished in October 2018.



We have had conversations with Geof Hill, Catherine Lloyd, Richard Teare, and Ian Plowman about different topics.



Norwich University hosted the 10th ALARA Action Learning Action Research and 14th Participatory Action Research (PAR) World Congress in June 2018.

Discussion Group


An LinkedIn discussion group has been created for students and educators, interested in action learning and action research, to connect and learn with each other.

An Outline Activities

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