CARN and ALARA 2019 Conference

Imagine Tomorrow: Practitioner Learning for the Future

Important days: The deadline for proposals is on 1 September 2019, Decisions on proposals by 4 September 2019, Late registration ends on 1 October 2019

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Call for Contributions

We welcome contributions which address the conference theme and/or subthemes, and encourage a range of presentation approaches including:

Interactive paper presentations will be organised  with 2 or 3 individual presentations around a similar topic or concept, followed by a discussion. Each presentation lasts for up to 15 minutes  within a 45-minute session, ending with a 15-minute discussion.

This form of presentation includes Pecha Kucha.

An interactive symposium is comprised of three presentations on the same issue or topic submitted by the coordinating author. Each presentation lasts for 15 minutes ending with a question or statement to be discussed. The chair facilitates the discussion among presenters and participants. An interactive symposium lasts for 45 minutes.

A highly interactive, collaborative session that involves participants in the application of aspects  of an action research project: a tool, a new teaching method, an illustration of collaborative inquiry strategies, an approach to practice, etc. The presenters plan these 45-minute sessions and are encouraged to use creative interactive approaches (e.g., brainstorming, associating, role play, debating, voting on statements, simulations, mystery guest, etc.).

A Critical Friendship session lasting for 45 minutes consists of:

  • A 10-minute presentation of a video of practice and an explanation
  • Asking probing questions to learn more about the issue (5 min.)
  • Giving positive feedback (5 min.)
  • Defining problems regarding the presented practice (5 min.)
  • Discussing each problem and finding solutions in pairs or trios (10 min.)
  • Group representatives suggest solutions and discuss them with the whole group (10 min.)

A topic promoter, i.e. facilitator, and three experts sit at four chairs. The facilitator takes a few minutes to outline the topic and the three experts offer comments in timeslots of 5 minutes each. An empty chair is reserved for participants from the floor who want to contribute. An Individual interactive plenum lasts for 30 minutes.

Roundtables allow discussion between the presenter(s) and session attendees about a central topic. Presenters briefly introduce the main ideas and then open the discussion with participants. Interactive materials are welcome, but formal presentations, particularly PowerPoint, are not available for this format. Roundtables last for 30 minutes.

Posters are two-dimensional printed presentations illustrating research studies, programmes, or other work. Posters are fixed to portable bulletin boards and are available for viewing throughout the conference. Digital documents can be published on the conference website. There is also one time slot during which all presenters stand beside their posters to discuss them with conference participants. The dimensions of an e-poster (jpg or png format) have to be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. For visibility purposes, do not use fonts smaller then 11pt. File size must be less than 20 MB.

Creative ways of presentations include drama, narrative, movement, song, dance and other forms. Each creative presentation lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Publishing Papers

Presenters are encouraged to submit a paper, either based on their presentation, or arising from the presentation and information gathered, to one of the following publications:

Please review the submission guidelines for the desired publication and contact the Editor directly about your paper.

You can submit a proposal until 1 September 2019

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